Smart Lighting

Retrotouch EnOcean switches bring convenience and style to office interiors

Author: Amit Ravat, Co-Founder and Director of Retrotouch
Issue 02-2021: read all articles online read as pdf

Retrotouch, a lighting solutions brand, has created a range of EnOcean smart switches to provide consumers with a stylish ”always on” system for effortless touch-free control over their EnOcean lighting systems.

The switches are wireless and can be fitted to replace an existing light switch or used as a wireless, battery-free solution. They can be stuck on any wall, wherever is most convenient for everyday use.

The switches don’t need batteries or a power cable and are as durable and reliable as a traditional wired switch. Thanks to EnOcean’s innovative harvesting technology, each press of the switch generates enough energy to send a radio signal to a relay for a totally wireless and robust control solution.

Retrotouch’s wireless and battery-free switches also look great, with a premium glass finish that brings a stylish designer feel to a smart home’s lighting controls. The switches come in white or black glass, with or without chrome trim, and an option of one or two buttons.

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