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Four in one go

Author: Shawn Pedersen, President, Echoflex Solutions Inc.
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Echoflex introduces four new products for intelligent building control to the market.

Echoflex RVS – Vacancy sensor

The Echoflex RVS is a solar-powered, passive infrared, wireless vacancy sensor. Combining a sleek, non-intrusive design with advanced power management circuitry to minimize solar harvesting requirements, the RVS will operate in low light conditions within 2 minutes at 65 lux or 6 foot-candles. The sensor also supports auto-on occupancy sensor applications for up to 10 years with the addition of a single battery.

The RVS is a key component in Echoflex’s Smart Space Solutions with support for range confirmation and remote management features for easy project commissioning.

Echoflex MOS-21C – High bay pir sensor

The MOS-21C is the newest addition to our award winning MOS series of occupancy sensors. The sensor is powered using solar energy harvesting and comes equipped with a backup battery to accommodate low light conditions often found in high bay applications. The sensor provides 360 degrees of motion coverage and is optimized for ceiling heights of 40 feet or less. The wireless MOS sensor provides a quick installation solution for occupancy detection for warehouse and factory applications.

Echoflex ERNR – Wireless plug load controller

The Echoflex ERNR split receptacle load controller has one 15A switched outlet and one constant voltage outlet. An auxiliary output allows other standard 120 VAC receptacles to be controlled by the internal relay minimizing the number of control devices needed for each space. The ERNR operates with the complete line of Echoflex wireless switches and sensors. The ERNR is compatible with Echoflex’s many commissioning systems including Smart Click, Simple Tap and Garibaldi remote commissioning software.

Echoflex ER6CD – 600 watt phase adaptive dimmer

The ER6CD is a wireless, phase adaptive, line voltage lighting controller that delivers 120 or 277 VAC dimming. Automatically providing reverse or forward phase dimming to tungsten, two-wire fluorescent, dimmable LED and electronic low-voltage transformer loads, the ER6CD makes upgrading to wireless effortless. The ER6CD is compatible with Echoflex’s many commissioning systems, including Smart Click, Simple Tap and Garibaldi remote commissioning software, and is a key component in Echoflex’s Smart Space Solutions.

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