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A green building for efficient teamwork

Author: Reinhard Huber, Room Automation Product Management, SAUTER Head Office
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Dynamically composed project teams require flexible workspaces. The multinational Fluor thoroughly implemented this aim when building its new Dutch headquarters. This made the building the ideal candidate for SAUTER integrated room automation and wireless EnOcean technology.

With branches in 81 countries, the Fluor Corporation is one of the world’s biggest consultant and construction companies. It has more than 40 000 employees, who work on a highly project-oriented basis in the fields of engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance. When building a new Dutch headquarters in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, it was therefore crucial that the offices could be easily reconfigured so that the large teams, which are composed on a project-by-project basis, could enjoy the ideal conditions for working together most efficiently. With project experience and expertise in building automation, management systems and room automation, SAUTER played a great part in realising this requirement.

BREEAM-Certificate for a sustainable concept

In early 2015, Fluor moved into its new headquarters, which are only ten minutes’ drive from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and offer 20 000 m2 of floor space for a staff of around 900. As early as the planning phase, the building was awarded the BREEAM-NL Excellent Design Certificate for its energy-efficient concept. Fluor also intends to have the finished building certified by BREEAM in 2015.

All the functions that are crucial to energy-efficient building operation – room climate, lighting and sunshading – are directly managed by the SAUTER ecos 5 room controllers. In the office rooms, the climate is controlled using climate ceilings, and in the conference rooms and staff canteen there is also CO2 level-controlled ventilation to create the ideal room climate.

Most of the office spaces are located on the sunny side of the building, and the facade is shaded to allow as much light in as possible without overheating the rooms or blinding the occupants. This is an important factor for the comfort of the occupants and has a direct effect on productivity. When there is not enough daylight, the room controller regulates the artificial lighting using the DALI protocol. Integrating all room functions in the room controller and using BACnet/IP for all communication in the entire building automation not only guarantees maximum comfort but also maximum energy efficiency.

SAUTER A green building for efficient teamwork

Freely positionable: the SAUTER eco Unit 1 battery-free room operating unit

Wireless room operating units for maximum flexibility

All room functions can be controlled using the 220 SAUTER ecoUnit 1 room operating units with bidirectional EnOcean communication, temperature sensor and LCD. With no need for wires or batteries, these operating units make a great contribution towards the flexible room concept. Using the SAUTER novaPro Open building management system, the division of rooms can be adapted to the needs of the team at the click of a mouse. The operating units can be easily relocated without any expensive and time-consuming rewiring. This means new floor plans can be instantly created, and individually air-conditioned, shaded and lit.

By using the most state-of-the-art building automation technology, Fluor meets its aim of combining energy efficiency at the new site with a productive and happy workforce.

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