Smart Building

Flexible room automation for open-plan room design

Author: Frank Moschner, Product Manager Building & Energy Management Solutions, SAUTER HeadOffice
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Modern buildings with open-plan room concepts demand highly flexible room automation and operation. With the SAUTER Vision Center visualisation software and the ecoUnit EnOcean room operating units from SAUTER, it only takes a few mouse clicks to modify the room automation.

In modern office buildings, open-plan rooms can often be partitioned as necessary or combined into large, open rooms. This means it is crucial that the room automation system can be adapted to the different conditions. with the EnOcean wireless room operating units and Vision Center building management software, SAUTER offers an uncomplicated solution.

SAUTER Flexible room automation for open-plan room design

With SAUTER Vision Center, the building automation can be operated anytime and from any place with just a few clicks.

Excellent interaction

The various room segments are represented in SAUTER Vision Center very clearly and comprehensibly for all groups of users. No servicing or programming work is required for modifications. Individual room segments can be moved and reassigned by drag and drop. Connected rooms are shown in the same colour. Information relevant to rooms can be displayed in a summary or individually for each segment. The excellent interaction between SAUTER ecos room automation and Vision Center is perfect for regulating flexible room concepts.

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