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Author: Ulrike Krüger, Key Account Manager, HORA Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH & Co. KG
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The trend toward networked building systems also affects the heating system, made possible by intelligent communication between the SmartDrive MX wireless radiator thermostats from HORA, the wibutler pro smart home solution and the Tzerra gas condensing boiler from Remeha. In the future, users will individually control the most comfortable temperature according to room, time and situation from anywhere, using a tablet or smart phone.

This form of heating system control differs fundamentally from classic weather-based regulation, which is common practice in germany today. Up to now, a heat characteristic setting has been used to preset an inlet temperature at the heat exchanger. It is hard to say whether this is the right temperature, unless the customer is freezing. In this case, the characteristic is incremented and the customer warms up, but the boiler temperature is now too high. Commercial thermostat valves naturally regulate this temperature, but the system does not work efficiently.

SmartDrive MX – the smart way to heat rooms

The new SmartDrive MX wireless radiator thermostat is different, for it has not only a room temperature sensor but also an integrated inlet temperature sensor. It transmits these values to wibutler pro, which acts as the server. wibutler pro detects the desired comfortable temperature as well as the related room topology, analyzes the data and calculates the current heat demand in the individual rooms. It forwards the optimum inlet temperature to the Tzerra gas condensing boiler, and SmartDrive MX regulates the required valve setting via the hub. As a result, it delivers just the right amount of
energy, not a single degree too much or too little.

Energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort

The intelligent interaction between the HORA SmartDrive MX radiator thermostats, the wibutler pro server from iEXERGY and the Tzerra gas condensing boiler from Remeha helps cut heating costs by as much as 15%, while also increasing comfort.

HORA Pure innovation

Energy management of the future: Tzerra gas condensing boiler from Remeha, wibutler pro from iEXERGY and SmartDrive MX from HORA. 

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