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Maximum energy efficiency for Switzerland’s highest office building

Author: Otto Kräuchi, Project Manager MSR, SAUTER Schweiz, Sauter Building Control AG
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In a 41-storey Green Building, SAUTER technology guarantees the highest level of energy efficiency – from the seamlessly integrated Primary system to room lighting and sunshading.

“Building 1” in the north-western Swiss city of Basel measures 178 m. The internationally active pharmaceutical company, Roche, has workstations for about 2,000 employees concentrated in “Building 1” at the group’s headquarters. Apart from the distinctive architecture, another exemplary feature is the extremely high energy efficiency level of the building, which outshines most skyscrapers the world over with an expected primary energy requirement of only 80.2 kWh/m2/a for heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.

SAUTER Maximum energy efficiency for Switzerland’s highest office building

“Building 1” is a Green Building, raising the bar in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency while also ensuring impressively high room air quality.

The intelligent building and room automation system devised by SAUTER makes a considerable contribution to “Building 1’s” exceptional energy efficiency.

The office spaces in the building are constructed in a modular fashion, thus permitting utmost flexibility. This modular system is also reflected in the building management system employed, SAUTER‘s novaPro Open. When redesigning from a single to a group office, for example, the room automation can be adapted to the new floor plan with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Integration of all equipment systems

In each room module, one SAUTER ecos500 room automation station from the EY-modulo 5 system family controls heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting and sunshading. Demand-controlled and energy-efficient room automation is ensured in conjunction with presence and light sensors. The system automatically switches off the lights, ventilation and heating/cooling when a workstation is not in use.

The tower is heated solely using waste heat from the nearby Roche industrial area. Heat is recovered in a highly efficient process in the monoblocs and a heat pump produces hot water. for cooling, “Building 1’s” sustainability concept relies on ground water from extraction wells. Accordingly, low heating circuit and high cooling circuit temperatures were needed for all consumers.

Solar-powered room operating Units

Room lighting is consistently based on current-saving LED technology. Communication with the SAUTER room automation stations is assured via the DALI protocol. In addition to the daylight-adaptive constant-light control, the employees also have LED desk lamps at their disposal.

Each room segment is also equipped with a SAUTER ecoUnit room operating unit with bi-directional wireless EnOcean technology. The built-in solar cell renders these wireless devices independent of any external power supply and offers up to five days’ availability, even in complete darkness.

SAUTER Maximum energy efficiency for Switzerland’s highest office building

Wire- and batteryless room operating unit SAUTER ecoUnit with EnOcean technology

Sunshading and reduced light emission

Sunshading for the exposed tower is also included in the SAUTER room automation concept. And as “Building 1” is located right in a very densely populated part of Basel, the blinds also close automatically in darkness to avoid unnecessarily lighting up the neighborhood.

To ensure that “Building 1” maintains and even actually improves its high level of energy efficiency for the long haul, the energy flow is measured and monitored using the energy management system SAUTER EMS. With it, the technical staff can identify and correct any systems operating incorrectly.

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