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Wireless lighting control

Author: Marketing Department, Beijing Sinobel Technology Co., Ltd.
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Z-Park Enterprises Credit Promotion Association, located in Beijing, was looking for intelligent lighting control for their 178 m2 office. They decided for the SINOBEL Energy Harvesting Wireless Control System in the second renovation. The entire project includes three 8-channel actuators and twelve wireless switches to control 18-channel lighting. Each individual actuator can support up to 2200VA and is able to work with LED lighting, adjustable LED and RGB lighting.

SINOBEL Wireless lighting control

With no additional or new wiring required, SINOBEL delivers easy to install wireless lighting controls with little to no interruption to a customer’s operations and without damage to the customer’s property. Utilizing the EnOcean technology platform, the lighting control components don’t need to be connected to any external electricity or require the use of battery.

Technology meets flexibility

The wireless operation of the control devices lowers renovation costs as there is no need to drill holes in the wall. In addition, users can flexibly place the batteryless wireless switch at any location and easily use it to control multiple lightings. This unique technology, combined with a clever and attractive design creates a highly intelligent and professional working environment.

All parts for an intelligent system

SINOBEL’s lighting control system is composed of the following products:

➔  8 -Channel Actuators SA003

The SA003 is a multi-purpose controller unit that can control a series of electric circuits. It can be expanded to a 16-way controller unit. Each individual unit can support up to 2200VA and is able to work well with the most common LED lighting solutions, adjustable LED and RGB lighting. With its interoperability feature, users can easily combine the actuator with other EnOcean-based products for seamless automation control. The controller is suitable for new or retrofit buildings.

SINOBEL Wireless lighting control

The 8-channel actuator connects wireless switches to control LED lighting.

➔  4-Button Switches SW001/ SZ001

These switches have a lifespan of at least 10 years or more. They can be combined with the 8-channel actuator to control several or particular lighting sources or equipments. This gives any living or office spaces the freedom of choice to create a highly intelligence life or working environment. The convenience of placing the switches wherever needed or using it as a remote control, can improve the quality of life for elderly people, medical patients and more.

SINOBEL Wireless lighting control

SINOBEL offers a complete range of EnOcean-based wireless control devices to realize customized building projects.

➔  Key Card Switch SZ002

The Key Card Switch uses the same principle of kinetic energy harvesting as the batteryless switches. Therefore, it can be flexibly placed at any point in a room. This increases the safety, convenience and speed of operating equipment in any given environment. Therefore, this product is highly suitable for use in hotels, schools and industrial buildings. Combined with the 8-channel actuators, users can easily control lighting or other equipment by inserting the card into the key card slot to activate a wireless signal. Overall, the card switch helps to create a comfortable living space with minimal maintenance and maximum convenience.

SINOBEL Wireless lighting control 

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