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Author: Katsuya Ishino, Research & Development Center, Star Micronics Co. Ltd.
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Star Micronics Energy step by step Star Micronics Energy step by step

Star Micronics EB10-E harvester beacon detects human motion and broadcasts its signal via EnOcean radio – all without batteries. Like all other Star Micronics harvesters, EB10-E uses electromagnetic induction and generates power from vibrating motion.

Star Micronics Energy step by step

Star Micronics has developed a variety of energy harvesters, which use ambient vibration as the energy source. The latest addition to the Star Micronics product family is EB10-E, an EnOcean-compliant transmitter, which generates power of vibration for pedestrian applications.

EB10-E is equipped with a Star Micronics vibration harvester and thus eliminates the use of batteries. The device harvests its power from human walking motion, which activates the radio transmitter circuit for wireless communication based on the EnOcean standard. It does not require a power supply of any kind, enabling maintenance-free operation in many applications. The product can be embedded in any EnOcean-based system architecture.

For safety and security purposes

Obvious applications include people location tracking in indoor environments, a life-saving locator for children in trouble and disoriented seniors who may wander around. EB10-E can also be integrated into a wide variety of beacon-based systems, which keep people within a pre-defined safe area, or keep people within a predefined safe area or out of a danger zone.

The EB10-E can also be integrated into building automation applications such as automatic lighting and air-conditioning control.

Star Micronics Energy step by step 

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