Smart Building, Smart Home

The comforts of home are not random occurrences

Author: Thilo Bienia, staff member Product Management, Viessmann Hausautomation GmbH
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As the central control unit for customizing the air conditioning, atmosphere and water temperature systems, Vitocomfort 200 synchronizes the needs of its users. Floor and room thermostats, blind and dimmer switches, temperature sensors and more can often be used individually or combined in many different ways. The system thus forms a communicating network of temperature-regulating elements, one that addresses the questions and requirements of its users and does not hide behind one-dimensional functionality.

Vitocomfort 200 is based on the principle of sustainable thinking and action embraced by the Viessmann group. Developed by Viessmann Hausautomation GmbH in Wangen, Germany, the central control unit interprets the path toward a sustainable future by raising user awareness of their own needs – for the home that they deserve.

Independent of time and place

The solution makes it easy to individually control and regulate the room climate; thanks to the vitocomfort app, this can even be done from outside the home at any time. Users can also change the house lighting and shading anytime and anywhere – for their own sense of well-being.

Along with the ambiance that Vitocomfort 200 can customize in the home, security also plays an important role. The radiobased control system keeps the home secure, even when the user is away. Users can also check movements in their own rooms.

Viessmann The comforts of home are not random occurrences

All functionalities can be controlled by smart phone or tablet.

Pleasantly unobtrusive

The design is functional and restrained. It does not have an obtrusive visual impact, one designed to obscure the system’s supposed hidden weaknesses. To avoid malfunctions, the system checks its own condition round the clock, signals vulnerabilities to prevent down times and offers the user tips on ways to improve energy efficiency.

Learning from the surroundings

As an organic part of the building, Vitocomfort 200 learns from its surroundings, i.e. based on the characteristic condition of the building and the relative, individual control and regulation habits of the user.

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