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The benefits of technological convergence – Niagara and EnOcean

Author: Mike Welch, Managing Director, Control Network Solutions Ltd
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The evolution of any technology often results in technological convergence – the natural progression of a device or software to be able to perform additional tasks in the place of another product. Presenting a multitude of benefits, technological convergence has the potential to disrupt markets, influence society interaction as well as reduce energy consumption and bills.

Utilizing technology convergence, the time and energy saving benefits of EnOcean energy harvesting controls can now be incorporated within a Niagara building management system (BMS).

CNS The benefits of technological convergence – Niagara and EnOcean

Seamless integration

Enabling networks of EnOcean self-powered wireless switches, sensors and Ethernet wireless transceivers to be commissioned and managed within the Niagara platform, cns-enocean™ removes the need for third party tools and processes. Furthermore, through the use of cns-enocean the need for data IO mapping and labeling is eliminated, significantly reducing the risks and time associated with commissioning a system. Finally it provides for real-time seamless access to device value data for dashboards, analytics both local and remote.

Based on open and interoperable standards, energy harvesting wireless switches and sensors of any product manufacturer that conforms to EnOcean Electronic Profiles can be added to the Niagara based platform.

Successful convergence

Combining the energy saving benefits and flexibility that EnOcean technology provides, with a smart Internet of Things-compatible building management system, such as Niagara, significantly enhances the end user experience. Through the integration of the leading technologies, installed hardware is dramatically reduced, disruption within the building is limited and a single comprehensive building control system is achieved.

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