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IQfy pressure sensor – Smart sensing in every direction

Author: Andreas Thometzek, Managing Partner, IQfy GmbH
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“Sensing, thinking, action” – sensing always comes first – as can be clearly seen with the new IQfy seat sensor. The world’s only patented highly sensitive 360° pressure sensor senses pressure from every direction and takes action. It increases safety and comfort and helps save energy.

The patented design of the sensitive helper “senses,” for example, the occupancy of seating and reclining furniture and ensures that energy consumers are turned on or off as needed, or simply reports occupancy or non-occupancy. This approach lowers energy consumption costs and safety risks, depending on the application.

Many different applications

Following its feelings, the IQfy seat sensor thinks of lighting, printers and other “energy guzzlers” in office buildings and turns them off in unused rooms. Its instinct for sensibly shutting down devices transfers to smart home systems, such as home entertainment equipment. Detecting occupancy is also helpful in public transportation, trains, airplanes, movie theaters and university lecture halls. Even TV shows have been tuned with this sensor.

The sensor has proven itself to be equally sensitive in its role as a health care assistant in applications, such as a hospital mattress specially developed by IQfy or combined with receivers for mobile use.

Safe and reliable

Pressure sensors from IQfy with similar functions and energy harvesting wireless technology based on the EnOcean standard have long assisted in numerous areas and are therefore reliable helpers with many years of experience. These special, new co-workers operate with an extraordinary all-around sensitivity. The 360° sensor reacts to pressure from any direction with the same release force, which makes for particularly reliable and safe detection.

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