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Network Connected Lighting: sensor nodes for the IoT

Author: Giovanni Frezza, Director - Network Connected Solutions, Molex
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Molex Network Connected Lighting: sensor nodes for the IoTThe ability to migrate lighting controls to IP-based infrastructure makes lighting a service and an Internet of Things (IoT) building asset for Internet of Things (IoT) that can be controlled synergistically along with other building functions.

More integration means not only better control leading to drastic energy saving, increased occupant comfort and productivity performance, but also more meaningful data being collected by distributed sensor system as part of lighting network infrastructure.

Bridging the IoT

Molex Transcend Network Connected Lighting System represent a unique advanced infrastructure able to bridge the IT (Information Techology) world and the OT (Operational Technology)  world in a cost effective IOT architecture. The integration of EnOcean field-proven wireless technology combined with the sustainable principle of energy harvesting into Transcend Ethernetbased POE network-connected infrastructure offers new possibilities for efficient smart building implementations in a variety of applications.

Connected sensors for intelligent buildings

The ability to add EnOcean standard-based devices aligns well with the intelligent, lowvoltage Transcend system, accelerating the smart building application convergence over IP.  With its granularly distributed sensor system, Transcend lighting network can produce data that drives real-time energy usage reporting, sensor-based occupancy reporting, light status and environmental monitoring.

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