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Smart model house in the Swabian alpine upland

Author: Schwabenhaus GmbH & Co. KG
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Schwabenhaus has opened a new model house in Günzburg. Along with environmentally safe construction materials and healthy fit-out materials, the home uses innovative building and heating systems.

Schwabenhaus Smart model house in the Swabian alpine upland

Clever combination: White upper cabinets and wood-colored lower cabinets turn the kitchen into the highlight of the home.

The prefabricated home, a modest variant of the Da Capo 85 N house type, thus has a basic smart home package. Combined with an additional router (wibutler), lamps or blinds can be programmed and operated with mobile devices. The manufacturer of prefabricated homes has chosen to use the energy harvesting wireless technology from EnOcean in its smart home concept. This technology has only a low energy demand at a great range, since the wireless modules obtain their energy from their surroundings.

Schwabenhaus Smart model house in the Swabian alpine upland

The understated color scheme in cream and light gray extends through all living areas.

Sustainable and efficient

The ecological home also features a controlled ventilation system with at least 90 percent heat recovery as well as a floor heating system (including a cooling effect in the summer). An intelligent power control system ensures that the electricity produced by photovoltaics is provided for in-house use or stored in batteries for later consumption. A geothermal heating system heats the room and process water to optimum temperatures. The house also meets the strict “KfW Efficiency Home 40 Plus” standard and thus produces more energy than it needs to manage the heating and hot water systems.

Schwabenhaus Smart model house in the Swabian alpine upland

Less is more: the bedroom is kept simple. Splashes of color, such as the bed linens, lend the room a cozy atmosphere.

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