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Symbiosis of Design and Functionality

Author: Thorsten Kresin, Head of Marketing, Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH
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As a specialist for sensors in the building automation and HVAC industry, Thermokon creates an additional benefit for customers all over the world  with Engineering, Innovation and Quality “Made in Germany”. The room operating units from Thermokon meet the strictest technical and customer requirements. The “thanos” room panel is a perfect all-rounder, with focus on design and functionality. The touch room operating unit with TFT display is designed to detect temperature and optionally relative humidity, enabling an integrated operation of HVAC, lighting and blinds.  Daniel Blaich, Managing Director of Blaich Automation GmbH, is very satisfied with the Thermokon products installed in the Le Méridien hotel, Stuttgart.

Mr. Blaich, why did you choose the thanos when planning the retrofit of all hotel rooms?

Le Méridien is a luxury hotel in which innovative art and superior design are of paramount importance even with regards to operating panels for room automation. Besides the aesthetical point of view, the operating units have to fulfill various technical requirements such as high reliability, flexibility with on-site customization and no maintenance. The EnOcean-based RF technology provides a maintenance-free operation by means of the additional solar-powered window contacts, which do not require any batteries. Because of an increased fire load in the hotel rooms, the operator also specified the use of wireless window contacts in the tender. Taking this fact into consideration and in recognition of the compatibility to the existing BACnet bus system, numerous arguments were in favor of utilizing the multifunctional and state-of-the-art “thanos” room unit with its integrated EnOcean communication.

Did you experience any problems during installation?

In particular, the fast and efficient communication with the Thermokon support team while using the field strength measuring tool “airScan” enabled sound procedures and results. By means of “airScan”, the intended mounting position of the devices could be verified and subsequently an optimal performance was guaranteed. In total, 77 hotel rooms were equipped with the “thanos SR S” room operating unit in white in white, together with the wireless and batteryless window contacts. Both are based on the wireless EasySens® system from Thermokon. An outstanding benefit was further found in the high interoperability of the EasySens® system with the networks of
other manufacturers. For this project we connected the “thanos” room panels and wireless window contacts to Beckhoff room controllers and experienced perfect interoperability.

Which features of thanos are used in the hotel Le Méridien?

Hotel guests can change the setpoint for room temperature, adjust fan stages and status of the windows displayed in their thanos. The settings for room temperature can be adapted via touch button on the operating unit. Thanks to the bi-directionality of the “thanos,” the front desk managers of Le Mériden have comprehensive room control options as well. They are able to receive and read out measured sensor values directly at their workplace and can change the temperature setpoint if required. Therefore, a tailor-made user interface was programmed, which visualizes the room temperature in all hotel rooms via a GUI/HMI. If the room temperature is too high or too low, e.g. because a window remained open over night, frontdesk managers can easily and flexibly intervene and save energy, hence lowering heating expenses.

Are you satisfied with thanos?

Yes, our experience with the thanos is highly satisfying! Installation and learn-in procedures of the products on-site were very smooth. Minor startup difficulties were resolved very quickly and efficiently. The scheduled modernization of the remaining 170 rooms of the Le Méridien will be implemented with thanos and its EasySens® technology as well. Moreover, we have already been working very successfully with the Thermokon EasySens system in the Gerling Quartier,” a residential and office building in Cologne/Germany. In this project, cooling ceilings are controlled by means of Thermokon room operating Panels.

Mr. Blaich many thanks for the interview.

Thermokon Symbiosis of Design and Functionality

Mr. Blaich (left), Managing Director of Blaich Automation GmbH and Mr. Lo Iacono (right) from Thermokon.

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