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The wireless and battery-free interpreter

Author: François Pillet, Export Department, TRIO2SYS
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TRIO2SYS The wireless and battery-free interpreterThe TRIO2SYS dry-contact transmitter is an intuitive and flexible tool, which significantly expands the number of possibilities for users and planners wishing to integrate existing devices into the EnOcean world.

Thanks to its potential-free dry-contact output, the transmitter is designed to detect any change of status within equipment connected to it. Therefore, the transmitter allows the integration of any device with an on/off status report into the EnOcean protocol.

Optimization of intelligent buildings

Combined with an existing infrared (IF) barrier, the dry-contact transmitter sends a signal each time someone crosses the sensor. This configuration offers the supervisor the possibility to count traffic within an area, corridor or room in intelligent buildings while keeping already installed devices. Such information can then be processed to analyze people flux in offices, stores and public areas and helps optimize the configuration of these facilities.

Flexible integration into existing systems

The dry-contact transmitter can also be combined with other devices with a drycontact on/off output such as conventional smoke and water leakage detectors to report the user any change of status. The planner has therefore the possibility to keep the already installed devices and integrate them into an EnOcean-based smart system while saving additional time and money.

Connected with limit switches, the dry-contact transmitter can report additional status from automated gates, automatons and valves which provide valuable information for industrial applications. The user can also configure this device with a pushbutton as an EnOcean manual override.

Connectivity is flexible and easy as the transmitter is available with a crimp connector or with a connection wire.

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