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Simply more security – EnOcean and KNX

Author: Florian Kreutz, Head of Sales and Marketing, Weinzierl Engineering GmbH
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Security becomes a crucial factor in a networked world. Encryption is absolutely necessary, particularly in wireless transmissions. The EnOcean Alliance has therefore defined appropriate security algorithms. As the first KNX gateway on the market, the new KNX ENO 636 secure from Weinzierl supports encrypted wireless communication with EnOcean devices.

The latest model 636 in the KNX ENO 63X gateway family provides the best possible connection between the reliability and configurability of the KNX bus system as well as the flexibility of the EnOcean wireless standard with self-powered wireless sensors.

Weinzierl Simply more security – EnOcean and KNX

The gateway starts up quickly and easily: the encryption can be activated individually on all 32 channels. EnOcean-based sensor and actuators that support security can then be taught in as usual. This approach gives users more security without sacrificing comfort.

More functions

Another new feature is the greatly expanded scope of supported EnOcean equipment profiles (EEP). The KNX ENO 636 secure now supports more than 100 profiles and thus allows an even broader range of EnOcean-based sensors and actuators to be securely and easily connected to KNX installations. The illuminated display allows for convenient configuration on site. Power is supplied from the KNX bus.

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