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One system for all smart home functionalities

Author: Frank Altmann, Head of Marketing and Product Management, AFRISO-EURO-INDEX GmbH
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Countless numbers of manufacturers, solutions and products with a focus on the smart home are currently circulating on the market. They all have one goal: To make the home smarter and to use existing technologies in such a way that users gain more security, save more energy and increase their comfort level. However, many potential consumers remain uncertain about which products, brands or companies they should use for their own smart home. Many of them are simply unfamiliar with the Smart Home concept and cannot make much sense of it even after extensive research. Their great fear is that they will “back the wrong horse” and block their access to future Smart Home functions. This is where a qualified electrical equipment, plumbing, heating or air-conditioning retailer with AFRISO products comes in, one that can demonstrate power of innovation.

AFRISO Smart Home, a complete solution for room climate, comfort and security, is open to all “smart” ideas and wishes from consumers. The system is based on different wireless standards that make it possible to integrate AFRISO sensors as well as products of other manufacturers and disciplines. More than 200 devices can currently be integrated – and even the control of entertainment electronics or the convenient use of Internet services present no obstacles.

AFRISO One system for all smart home functionalities

When the gateway communicates with Amazon Echo, all devices connected to the AFRISOhome gateway can be addressed or interrogated as well as activated. Instructions such as “Alexa, set the temperature in the children’s bedroom to 23 °C, turn on the fl oor lamp in the living room from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and set the color to green, close the blinds,” and much more, simply make life more comfortable.

The good thing about this system is that the starting point is and will remain classic craftsmanship, which can now be implemented as professionally and reliably as it has been conventionally but with much less time required and without dust and dirt. From warning devices for water leaks to temperature controllers, relay controllers for lights and blinds, and even smoke or heat detectors, experts discuss the requirements with the customer and draw up an offer accordingly. In doing so, they can improve their order situation and take a decisive step forward toward digitalizing their trade.

AFRISO One system for all smart home functionalities

Training new wireless products is effortless: Add the device, select the wireless standard, choose a sensor/actuator from the list of cross-vendor devices, press START followed by the LEARN button on the product. All done!

AFRISO One system for all smart home functionalities

Try out the demo app at:

Craftsmanship is only an initial impetus, as future smart functions provided through updates and devices ensure long-term customer relationships, in which the retailer can make a name for himself as a professional and expert partner.

There are a whole range of additional benefits for users: Along with professional devices properly installed by a tradesman, do-it-yourself devices can also be integrated by the user himself. The AFRISOhome gateway is equipped as standard with EnOcean, W-LAN and Z-Wave, and the zigbee and M-Bus wireless standards can be added at any time. Perceived gadgets and products from smart home producers in the consumer electronics market, such as the PHILIPS Hue and IKEA Tradfri LED lighting systems (zigbee), doorbells from Everspring (Z-Wave), camera systems and weather stations from Netatmo, the Amazon Alexa voice control unit or Google Home (W-LAN) can all be connected to the gateway.

AFRISO One system for all smart home functionalities

Proper installation should be left up to the expert. Here he explains how the WaterControl 01 automatic water shutoff valve works. The kicker is that the associated WaterSensor eco device works without any batteries. When water accumulates, absorbent pads generate the necessary auxiliary energy to transmit the EnOcean wireless alarm to the device. The self-powered and thus maintenance-free sensor can therefore be placed wherever water leaks can occur without anyone noticing them and be literally “forgotten about.”

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