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“Alexa, I’m home.” – EnOcean IoT gateway for integrating Amazon® Alexa

Author: Stefan Mainka, Marketing & Business Development, BAB TECHNOLOGIE GmbH
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Multiple options: Conveniently control EnOceanbased devices using the hybrid push button sensor, Amazon® Alexa or the wireless switch from Eltako.

BAB TECHNOLOGIE „Alexa, I'm home." - EnOcean IoT gateway for integrating Amazon® Alexa BAB TECHNOLOGIE „Alexa, I'm home." - EnOcean IoT gateway for integrating Amazon® Alexa BAB TECHNOLOGIE „Alexa, I'm home." - EnOcean IoT gateway for integrating Amazon® Alexa

                   Hybrid push button sensor                                Amazon Echo ©, Inc.                           Eltako switch © Eltako

                   (Full HD touch panel plus mechanical Keys).

                   © Smart Solutions Lab

How about using Alexa to switch EnOcean actuators? BAB TECHNOLOGIE promises an uncomplicated solution: The APP MODULE for EnOcean. With this device, BAB TECHNOLOGIE is the first commercial supplier to provide the option of controlling the complete EnOcean-based Smart Home using the Amazon® Alexa voice control unit. Commands such as “Alexa, raise all the blinds” or “Alexa, set all rooms to 20 degrees“ enables users to operate all comfort functions by voice control. 

The combination does the trick

Of course, voice control alone cannot meet all of a user’s needs. At the moment, a combination of mechanical switches, visualization and voice control is turning out to be the most practical solution for the smart home. Let’s not forget: In the area of barrier-free living or AAL (Ambient Assistant Living), the potential of voice control goes beyond pure convenience. Handsfree control gives users with limited mobility entirely new options.

BAB TECHNOLOGIE „Alexa, I'm home." - EnOcean IoT gateway for integrating Amazon® Alexa

Comfort and design united as best as possible: the Amazon® Echo. ©, Inc.

Growth in every direction

In addition to the free, preinstalled app for integrating Alexa into EnOcean systems, the APP MODULE provides the ability to combine additional applications on a device – just as the name implies. For example, products such as Denon® HEOS, Netatmo, SONOS® and DoorBird are as easy to integrate as the Pushbullet® and OpenWeatherMap web services. The EnOcean APP MODULE, with add-ons for light scenes, an intelligent occupancy simulation and even the ability to integrate KNX components, offers even greater flexibility. The manufacturer also provides SDK for developers so that users can develop and subsequently market their own smart home apps.

Partnership with Eltako

The manufacturer based in Dortmund, Germany, is joining forces with Eltako to establish a strong presence in order to make the APP MODULE accessible to the EnOcean market in addition to the KNX segment. Eltako itself sells the APP MODULE with preinstalled smart home apps for Amazon® Alexa and SONOS®. The most common EnOcean profiles are already implemented and are being constantly expanded.

BAB TECHNOLOGIE „Alexa, I'm home." - EnOcean IoT gateway for integrating Amazon® Alexa


Both companies are looking forward to a successful, long-term and exciting cooperation. “The big potential of the APP MODULE was a key criterion for our collaboration. Especially the possibility to offer our customers new functions in the future fascinated us. When retrofitting smart homes, end customers often already have various smart components. And of course, our customers have the desire to integrate these into our system. With the APP Module this can now be realized,” says Eltako’s product management.

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