Smart Lighting

Seamless retrofitting of existing constant LED systems

Author: Richard Fong, Executive Director and GRE Alpha Communications Team, GRE Alpha Electronics Ltd.
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GRE Alpha joined the EnOcean Alliance with an eye toward designing LED drivers that operate in harmony with energy harvesting wireless switches. The new EnOcean dimmer was presented for the first time at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 and stood out due to its especially easy installation, among other things. 

Wireless lighting control

The GRE Alpha ENO-DIM offers advantages over other wireless dimming modules. Because the module is designed to work with any EnOcean-certified self-powered wireless switch, any constant LED lighting system can now be retrofitted to EnOcean wireless technology, and thus reduces time and costs. While most smart lighting systems utilize the ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) radio band, the ENO-DIM module uses EnOcean’s communication frequencies, allowing for noise-free near-instantaneous feedback. The ENO-DIM module supports frequencies of 902MHz in North America, 928MHz in Japan and 868MHz in Europe and China.

ENO-DIM applications include architectural lighting, effect and contour lighting, general commercial illumination, warehouses, signage, strip lighting and more. The powerful combination of GRE Alpha’s dimming technology and EnOcean’s self-powered sensors and switches are poised to revolutionize smart building lighting design.

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