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Integrated office light customization

Author: Henri Juslén, Chief Future Illuminator, Helvar GmbH
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Helvar, an international lighting technologies company, has been working with EnOcean for the last couple of years on developing a unique EnOcean panel series, which has been used successfully in several projects.

The role of integrating wireless panels

A great example of this solution is the new Helvar Keilaranta (Espoo) office in Finland. “We have successfully integrated wireless panels with our lighting control systems. It’s really handy to have a user interface you can literally stick on a wall with absolutely no wiring. The trend is that the use of traditional user interfaces will decrease over the time and the use of wireless user interfaces will grow,” says Henri Juslén, the Chief Future Illuminator at Helvar. “I also believe that in the future, intelligence systems will replace traditional controls such as panels which mean that panels might not be needed at all.”

Individual lighting control solution

In the Finnish office, wireless lighting control has been used for personalized employee lighting. “We have an open plan offi ce with couple of breakout areas where the personalized color temperature and light level control can easily be adjusted to employees needs. This helps to improve our staff wellbeing and also productivity,” says Juslén. This is all made possible by using Helvar EnOcean panels and Helvar DALI-EnOcean gateway technology.

“It also works great in the meeting rooms. You can select a scene from the wireless table panel that fits your needs – for example presentation mode or a general meeting mode. It is very easy to move the panel to the right spot where you need it in various environments, for example, in education where the panels can be added to the class walls or on the tables. We know that at times adding a wired panel is very diffi cult and not visually pleasing. Also wireless panels are easier to add afterwards a single time and as needed,” concludes Henri Juslén.

Helvar Integrated office light customization

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