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Intelligent buildings start with relay switches

Author: Coralie Feillault, PR and Communication Officer, NodOn SAS
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Today, it doesn’t take a lot of effort or money to turn your home into a smart home. NodOn’s ultra compact relay switches will help you to easily turn any home intelligent for more energy savings and comfort.

NodOn Intelligent buildings start with relay switches

Three relay switches to cover all uses of the house

Turn the lighting system smart with the relay switch 2 channels, automatically control the heating system or home access (garage door, gate) with relay switch 1 channel – dry contact and all shutters with NodOn’s new roller shutter module – all based on the EnOcean wireless standard.

Flexibility and simplicity

Whether it is to retrofit or create a new Smart Home ecosystem, NodOn relay switches are maintenance-free and don’t need any construction work. Those ultra-compact modules are directly plugged onto existing appliances, and pairing them to other EnOcean devices is a child’s play.

Enjoy living in an energy efficient Smart Home

Reducing energy consumption and offering more comfort are benefits enjoyed by the end user. NodOn relay switches are interoperable with any other EnOcean controllers and home automation gateway. Launch a wake-up scenario and open the roller shutters at 20%, automate the lights and reduce heating when no one is there. Even controlling the boiler or the garage door has never been easier for the end user. The home is adapting itself to the user habits: those three relay switches make for real energy efficiency.

NodOn Intelligent buildings start with relay switches

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