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Comfort has never been more energy-efficient

Author: Thorsten Kresin, Head of Marketing, Thermokon Sensortechnik GmbH
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The 4-star luxury AVANI Hotel & Casino in Windhoek, Namibia, welcomes guests from all around the world. Just recently, the rooms and suites retrofitted with the EasySens® system from Thermokon delighted guests with highest comfort while saving energy costs for the hotel management. In order to achieve these energy savings, the Thermokon partner in South Africa, Tecovation (Pty) Ltd., has installed more than 180 SRW01 window contacts, 180 SR-KCS key card switches, 180 STC-DO8 lighting switch actuators with an integrated scheduler as well as 580 EasySens® light switches. Besides installing one of the most energy-efficient wireless systems on the market, Tecovation was also able to make the installation much more efficient than a conventional wired one by saving time and money. Dale Heger, technical implementation manager at Tecovation, reports on the successful project.

Thermokon Comfort has never been more energy-efficient
Mr. Heger, what were the specific challenges in this project?

One of the most critical challenges was identifying and using the existing routing. This posed many challenges due to the constraints and restrictions of the previous solution. Fortunately we chose EasySens® wireless system, which could overcome this without requiring the use of the existing switch points. It also offers us numerous solutions in case the hotel management opts to refurbish or upgrade the rooms in future with new, enhanced functionalities we might not even think of today.

Which functions were required by your client?

To optimize guest comfort and energy savings, we installed the KCS key card switch, which is clearly marked as a green initiative, easily installed where it makes sense to the guest and works without creating any mess or noise. Also the window contacts will contribute heavily to saving energy on the AC side. On the other hand, the wireless light switches make it comfortable for the guest to switch the lights from anywhere in the room.

Why did you choose the Thermokon EasySens® system?

Hotels in remote locations throughout southern Africa require innovative technologies to accommodate international guests. The solution needed to be robust, functional and “virtually maintenance-free”. We ran a trial of the concept in two rooms for a period of eight months with zero failures of the installed technology. EasySens® allowed us to install the system according to our occupancy ratio without affecting guest room availability.

Thermokon Comfort has never been more energy-efficient Thermokon Comfort has never been more energy-efficient
How would you rate EasySens® and how big was the time savings compared to conventional installation?

We are confident that our savings will materialize from not only utility conservation but also from a robust technology perspective. EasySens® has allowed us to complete the installation seamlessly with no guest disturbance. Our guests can enjoy an enhanced experience of comfort and control from anywhere in the room.

The installation has been well received by all staff members who already realize the benefits of battery-free devices. We can achieve an approximately 6-8 hour saving per room on installation as no wiring was installed. The installation is successful and the facilities staff are delighted.

Thermokon Comfort has never been more energy-efficient
What benefits were remarkable for you to recommend the EasySens® system to others?

The pure reliability and results achieved by a simplistic device. No wires, no batteries, no fuss.

How did you structure the room controls in order to achieve energy savings?

We chose to go with the window sensors to isolate the HVAC during times of use. We further expanded this to couple with the room key card to energize the guest room based on the occupancy status. We gave the guests specific location control on the lighting load so as to not turn on unnecessary loads. This gives the guest a natural flow within the room.

Mr. Heger, many thanks for the interview.

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