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Smart Home Professional – What do customers expect from smart home solutions?

Author: Anja Allmis, Sales Assistant, Eltako
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Every day, a new manufacturer promises to deliver allegedly revolutionary smart home solutions. But do these promises really deserve the trust of a loyal clientele? Do the components in the devices meet the highest quality standards? Will these companies, and thus their spare parts and support, still be around tomorrow?

With Eltako Smart Home Professional, therefore, the user is choosing a system based on many years of experience and quality and one that guarantees a secure future.

Countless technological possibilities

Eltako Smart Home Professional is based on the global EnOcean wireless standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3-1X). The self-powered, wireless and thus maintenance-free radio switches and window/door contacts with energy generators are exclusive EnOcean highlights.

From individual solutions in a home—for example, to automatically close the radiator valve when a window is opened—to the fully networked building, Eltako offers everything from a single source. Support rails or built-in devices, wireless, conventional switch, powerline or 2-wire bus installation.

Sometimes a combination of different types of installations is the ideal solution for a building. Why not connect all switches via a 2-wire bus, while powering all motion detectors with solar energy and thus distributing them anywhere in the building?

Handheld transmitters can be used comfortably to dim the lights or raise and lower the blinds from the couch. Place a mini-handheld transmitter in the car to open the garage gate, or install window contacts with an internal power generator. The Eltako wireless building app even lets the user access the building installation remotely from a smart phone or tablet.

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