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New products from the Zigbee world

Author: Matthias Kassner, Vice President Product Marketing, EnOcean GmbH
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Smart home and building automation systems require reliable data sources using open protocols. Energy harvesting switches and sensors for Zigbee, Bluetooth and EnOcean radio protocol uniquely address these needs.

EnOcean has been offering self-powered wireless switches based on the Zigbee standard for around five years now. One example is the Philips Hue Tap, which allows users to comfortably control the Philips Hue lighting system. This wireless switch is based on EnOcean’s energy harvesting technology and thus operates without batteries or cables. EnOcean partners now offer additional switches under the Friends of Hue program.

Definition of a new standard

An extension to the Zigbee specification to better support energy harvesting devices was adopted at the end of 2018. It opens up new possibilities for switches and sensors that use energy harvesting technology.

The new standard was defined by the members of the Zigbee Green Power Technical Work Group, which EnOcean joined in 2016. The work group’s objective was to define energy-optimized switch and sensor models and to integrate them into the Zigbee Green Power Framework.

EnOcean New products from the Zigbee worldThe new generic switch model defines a universal switch model that permits a wide range of applications in the area of lighting (dimming, light scenes, switching lights on and off) as well as in other areas (such as shutter control), using only one product.

The compact data reporting feature facilitates the energy-optimized transmission of sensor data for a wide range of applications, such as temperature/moisture sensors, window contacts, light sensors and similar devices.

Self-powered wireless switch for Zigbee

EnOcean will launch the PTM 216Z – the first self powered switch module according to the new generic switch standard – in early 2019. It will enable a wide range of applications based on the proven EnOcean energy harvesting technology.


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