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mTRONIC gets along with everyone

Author: Stefan Wajand, Product Management, MACO Group
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MACO mTronic gets along with everyoneThe mTRONIC multisensor from MACO is based on the EnOcean wireless protocol. This makes it flexible to use and compatible with all common smart home solutions.

Afriso, Eltako, Homee, IP-Symcom, Mediola and Somfy: The smart home would be inconceivable without these gateway names. They give end users security and make their living space more comfortable. The mTRONIC multisensor, developed by the Salzburg-based fittings manufacturer MACO, gets along well with everyone. Thanks to the interoperable EnOcean wireless protocol, it is very easy to integrate into smart home systems. Even when it comes to local building protection, mTRONIC communicates with the AIS 10 Pro indoor sirens and Afriso solutions via EnOcean.

mTRONIC is a team player

In the world of multisensors, versatility is the trump card. The same can be said of the applications: Windows, sliding elements and entrance doors can be equipped with mTRONIC, and the same component is used in each case. The smart sensor is also so tiny that it fits with practically any profile, regardless of the fitting or manufacturer. This also makes it a team player in every respect.


What can mTRONIC do?

Is the window open, closed or tilted – or is there even an imminent break-in? The mTRONIC smart multisensor detects the status of a window via a magnet and tracks its operation. If the windows are pried open in the closed or tilted position, the sensor transmits an alarm signal without being activated. This signal can then be processed locally by the signal transmitter or in the gateway of a smart home system.

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