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A look behind the scenes of an hypermarket – GTBox saves energy and ensures a perfect ambience

Author: Michel Coté, CEO, SavNTec
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In the Hypermarket Intermarché in Longpont-sur-Orge near Paris the lighting of the sales area is dimmed and adapts according to the periods of the day. To makes this possible EnOcean/Dali dimming gateways (Eltako and Deuta-Control) have been installed directly on the lighting strips.

The GTBoxes from SavNTec transmit EnOcean orders to the actuators, which control ballasts using Dali protocol. Using Deuta-Control actuators it is even possible to remotely configure Dali with EnOcean without physically connecting the actuators.

Nice and cosy temperature- without any additional cables

The heaters of the sales area are also controlled by GTBox. EnOcean temperature probes (NodOn and Thermokon) were placed directly on store shelves, measuring the true temperature experienced by customers. They are powered by the natural and artificial light of the store.

SavNTec A look behind the scenes of an hypermarket

Dry contact actuators (Eltako) replace the programmable thermostats. The GTBoxes thus measure the temperatures in the shelves and drive the heaters, all without having to go through additional cables. The client user masters the heating instructions area by area, and according to the activity of the store.

An outdoor temperature sensor made by EnOcean (Thermokon) measures the outside temperature and conditions for the operation of the many air curtains in the shopping mall.The system also controls the lighting of the shopping mall, outdoor lighting and night-time curtains for refrigerated display cases

Thanks to GTBox, the customer saves 30 per cent on the gas bill and 18 per cent on the electricity consumpt by lights. EnOcean and its efficient implementation efficiency play a major role here and ensure a very fast return on investment.

SavNTec A look behind the scenes of an hypermarket SavNTec A look behind the scenes of an hypermarket

Easy implementation

GTBox is a solution build by SavNTec. Its web architecture, the EnOcean technology integration and its multisite design simplifies the technical and energy management of buildings.

The EnOcean based integreated mesh network technology allows an even better radio range.

Technical data:

  • Sales area 3,800 m2
  • Electricity consumption of store LED lighting: 36 kW
  • Heating power: 320 kW

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