Smart Building

Efficient and sustainable building organization

Author: Dirk Heumann, Head of Sales Germany, business unit locking systems for doors and furniture, Schulte-Schlagbaum AG
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SAG Smart Line is the first family of mortise locks to be equipped with the battery-free EnOcean wireless technology, thus making it possible to integrate doors into the building automation system particularly efficiently and sustainably.

Digitalization with the aid of distributed sensors and a cloud-based infrastructure makes it possible, for example, to automate room use management. Room occupancy and thus the use of cost-intensive resources such as heating, air-conditioning and lighting, along with staff and inventory, can be optimized via sensors, based on usage data.

Wireless solutions

More than 90 percent of buildings are existing real estate, which means that wireless solutions are the systems of choice for retrofits. Wireless sensors, which supply the necessary data from numerous points within the building, always form the technological foundation. In particular, the EnOcean wireless standard has become established as the communication protocol. It is used in more than 1 million buildings around the world.

Easy networking

IoT gateways interconnect the sensors and actuators over the Internet, also using bus systems such as KNX or cloud-based platforms like IBM Watson, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Azure, Apple HomeKit®, Google Home and Crestron as needed.

Energy harvesting

Wireless locks use mechanical energy (pressing a door handle or sliding a bolt) with the aid of a generator to produce the energy needed for wireless transmission. Energy harvesting in wireless technologies avoids the limitations of wired power supply or batteries.

Flexible control

To increase building security, the SAG mortise locks can transmit door movements (operating door catches or bolts) as a preventive measure.

Easy and cost-effective retrofits

Doors to the building can be quickly and cost-effectively retrofitted or integrated into the building automation system during operation by replacing the existing mortise locks with SAG Smart Line door locks.

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