Smart Home

Multifunctionality combined with premium design

Author: Dominique Alt, Produktmanagement, Thermokon
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Attractive design, intuitive operations, high flexibility in adapting to most different requirements. The fan coil room thermostat “JOY SR Fancoil/HC” with EnOcean-based RF and Modbus interface enables an efficient and comfortable control of room climate.

The Joy SR convinces by premium design: a slim housing, precious touch interface made of scratch-proof glass, an illuminated power button and large high-resolution backlit display.

As of now, the intelligent Modbus room thermostats are available with an integrated EnOcean based RF interface for a seamless integration of wireless products. The hard-wired digital or analogue inputs/outputs for the efficient control of HVAC components (e.g. valves, fan coils) can be used in parallel to the integrated EnOcean channels.

EnOcean-based wireless transmitters such as window contacts or key card switches for energy saving, occupancy or temperature sensors for second controls loop (e.g. bathroom) or for change-over applications can be easily integrated without the need of any wired devices. Up to six wireless valve actuators (SAB05/SAB+) can be controlled thanks to the message server functionality.

“Energy efficiency“ is certainly one of the key features of JOY SR. The integrated smart ECO-function enables a resource-saving air conditioning by means of defined parameters and integrated EnOcean products (e.g. window contact, key card…). In addition, demand-based user-profiles can be set up in terms of a scheduler.

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