Smart Home

A smart urban villa for ultimate comfort

Author: Holger Heid, Product Manager, WeberHaus
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With its new model home in Fellbach, Germany, WeberHaus presents a rare and clever jewel: straight lines, cubic forms and cool colors on the outside, comfortable living areas, a cozy atmosphere and warm wood elements on the inside. Apart from the smart villa’s modern and comfortable appearance, it also earns high marks through maximum energy efficiency and smart home control.

Smart Home

Thanks to the “Home4Future” concept, the model house meets what is currently the highest energy standard: KfW 40 Plus. This is due to the super-well-insulated ÖvoNatur Therm building envelope, a PV system with 28 modules (8.4 kWp), a powerful battery storage unit (10.2 kWh) and the WeberLogic 2.0 home control system, which uses the established EnOcean wireless standard for communicating with the individual elements.

WeberHaus A smart urban villa for ultimate comfort

myHomeControl shows in a central touch screen where in the house lights are on or off.

This approach ensures a smooth exchange of information. Not only does the home control system provide central control of all lights and venetian blinds, but entire scenes, individual temperature control, occupancy simulations and much more can also be implemented. When users are away, they can manage all networked functions from a tablet or smart phone.

The innovative, high-end myHomeControl solution offers additional functions, such as energy management, integration of heating and ventilation systems as well as floor plan views. For example, a central touchscreen shows where lights are on and off in the house and where windows are open or closed.

High living comfort

The system also offers a smart intrusion prevention function for greater security. Before the resident leaves the house, a single tap is all it takes to arm the alarm center in the home management system. If an intruder tries to break in, all lights go on, the venetian blinds are raised, and the integrated stereo equipment emits an ear-splitting noise. The home control system is also connected to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Special mention should be made of the ability to connect to Apple HomeKit® with Siri®. The intuitive app makes the system very easy to use with familiar Apple conventions.

WeberHaus A smart urban villa for ultimate comfort

The house control system ensures security.

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