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Less effort, more precise control – A drive for blinds with EnOcean wireless technology

Author: Frank Haubach, Head of Sales and Marketing, Becker-Antriebe
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EnOcean technology has become the established standard, especially in the prefabricated home segment. Up to now, classic drives have often been used to control roller and venetian blinds without batteries. These drives each required a supply cable for the roller/venetian blind actuator – for example in the switch box. This resulted in an enormous amount of installation work and farsighted advance planning, especially when it came to prefabricated construction.

Becker Antriebe A drive for blinds with EnOcean wireless technology

Packing a punch: In the EnOcean drive from Becker, the actuator is installed in the drive itself for the first time – a new development worldwide, that makes it much easier to use the sustainable wireless standard.

BECKER-Antriebe, which specializes in drives and controllers for blinds and shades, is the first supplier to incorporate the EnOcean radio module directly into a tubular drive and thereby make it even easier to use. A separate actuator placed on the DIN rail is no longer necessary and complex cabling is avoided. The result is maximum flexibility and considerably less time and money.

Apple HomeKit-capable

The new Becker EnOcean drive is the first tubular drive that can be integrated into the Apple HomeKit™ via the OPUS SmartHome gateway from JÄGER DIREKT. Apple users can thus very easily automate and control the functions of their blinds.

Becker Antriebe A drive for blinds with EnOcean wireless technology

For blinds and sunshades alike: The EnOcean drive supports interdisciplinary interoperability, which enables it to be easily integrated into existing installations.

Smart functionality

Combined with other EnOcean products, the new addition to the Becker drive portfolio also offers other functions that go beyond the standard, such as a ventilation function that interacts with a window contact. The drive can also be easily combined with a smoke detector so that, for example, the blinds are automatically raised when an alarm is given and the escape route is reliably kept open.

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