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Eimsig offers first Apple HomeKit-compatible alarm system in Europe

Author: Florian Schmidt, Managing Director, EIMSIG
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The Eimsig alarm system, which has patented* window and glass breakage sensors with EnOcean wireless technology, is compatible with Apple HomeKit™. It can be conveniently coupled with all of HomeKit’s smart home functions and offers additional benefits as well: In a blackout, the power supply is maintained by a backup battery, and the alarm system operates autonomously even without the Internet. Users have a comfortable overview of all windows and exits and can see whether the alarm system has been activated or deactivated.

Where security meets comfort

A secure home should not mean sacrificing comfort. Users have the option of saving different scenarios and deciding, for example, when lights and blinds are active, what music is played when they enter the house and what temperature should prevail in the individual rooms.

Compatibility & connectivity

All Eimsig security systems can be coupled with many others via interfaces, including KNX bus systems. The EnOcean window sensors are compatible with many smart home systems. The HomeKit-capable security system can be upgraded wirelessly and by radio at any time.

Window sensors signal break-in attempts

Windows should not just be pleasing to look at, they should also be secure. Eimsig therefore develops window sensors that protect the home’s outer skin and raise the alarm as soon as someone tries to break in. Their special feature is that they also protect tilted windows. Eimsig’s new window sensor with the EnOcean wireless standard breaks new ground. Its combination of jimmy and glass breakage protection is innovative and makes the medium-sized company a pioneer in protecting windows against intruders.

Apple® and HomeKit™ are trademarks of Apple Inc.

*European patent specification EP 1 918 890 B1

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