Smart Building

Smarter controls for low-carbon, high-productivity workplaces

Author: Mark Davenport, Smart Buildings Director, ENGIE
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The advent of smart building systems has introduced a wealth of opportunities for building and estate managers to automate processes, optimize resources, improve energy efficiency and boost environmental performance. The combined expertise in facilities and energy management enables ENGIE to develop new smart building technologies and services that increase efficiencies, meet the demands of today’s flexible workforces, and fulfil the financial and environmental priorities of building managers.

Machine learning capabilities for smart building systems

ENGIE smart building systems collect and continuously analyze data from multiple feeds within a building to create meaningful insights. By applying software-based analytics, machine learning and AI-based programming, the systems extract maximum value from this data to inform the control and management of building assets.

The latest innovations enable single devices to monitor, control and manage multiple building assets and technology, regardless of manufacturer or wireless protocol. Modular by design, these products can connect with EnOcean, Zigbee, Bluetooth and any new wireless technologies, simply by adding plug-in boards – creating future-proof devices that can be customized to individual building needs.

Engie Smarter controls for low-carbon, high-productivity workplaces

Improved working conditions

The Smart Light Manager is a wireless lighting system and communications manager. Utilizing the Zigbee self-meshing network to communicate between the lighting and fitted with sensors to detect ambient light levels and occupancy, it allows users to efficiently control and monitor all aspects of lighting. The device’s communications manager allows integration with multiple wireless and wired technologies, EnOcean, BLE, Dali & RFID.

Smart product interaction

Smart Multisense is a retrofit product, providing advanced automation services. It contains motion and luminosity detectors to manage light levels according to occupancy, plus a Bluetooth Smart module to provide location-based services to users within the area.

Both Light Manager and Multisense have optional plug-in modules, which allow communication with multiple assets in order to control heating, cooling, window blinds, radiator valves, security access systems and much more.

Engie Smarter controls for low-carbon, high-productivity workplaces

The Smart Multisense Sensor is a modular enabler for the IoT.

The new Air Smart sensor can be connected to both of these products. Uniquely, this single device can detect and monitor 17 different gases or airborne elements. It constantly monitors air composition and manages air quality by controlling AHUs, window openings and other assets to maintain a productive working environment. The device meets global RESET air-quality standards.

Together, these new smart products help to optimize working conditions, while helping building managers to minimize energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.

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