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The new multisensor as key to intelligent IoT systems

Author: Matthias Kassner, Vice President Product Marketing, EnOcean
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EnOcean is presenting its latest innovation: the solar-powered multisensor family STM 550, which integrates temperature, humidity, light, acceleration and magnetic contact sensors in a small form factor. The sensor all-rounder thus supplies data via Bluetooth and the EnOcean radio standard for a wide range of applications in digitalized buildings and the IoT. The integrated solar cell generates all the energy required for measurement and data communication from available ambient light. This energy is stored internally to ensure that the device can function for several days without light.

EnOcean - der neue MultisensorEnOCean - der neue Multisensor

The multisensor has an NFC interface, which makes it easy to configure using an NFC reader, smartphone or tablet. The sensor module has been integrated into the proven PTM 21x form factor. This is the first time EnOcean has extended its established Original PTM form factor to sensors. Manufacturers can now integrate the multisensor conveniently into a variety of switch ranges without the need to develop new housings.

Due to the small form factor and its wireless and maintenance-free operation, the multisensor can be used very flexibly wherever data is required.

A few use cases:

Prolojik extends space management solution

Proxima networks sense, collate and interpret sensory data to support intelligent space management. The incorporation of the EnOcean -multisensor for Bluetooth adds relative humidity, lux and asset movement to Proxima’s capabilities in a self-powered, zero-maintenance package.

Kopp simplifies home automation

The self-powered multisensor supports Kopp’s idea for a comprehensive home automation concept. Due to its flexible application, Kopp can detect a wide range of situations and allow for corresponding scenarios and reactions by the automation. The simple integration via Bluetooth fits perfectly into the company strategy of intuitive installation.


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