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Author: Andreas Thometzek, Managing Director, IQfy GmbH
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Center of competence for the care sector and private care

IQfy, which manufactures safety and assistance systems for the care sector, built a comprehensive center of competence in Bückeburg, Germany. Together with the lighting manufacturer EMB Leuchten GmbH, the company outfitted three living environments for seniors with lighting control, sensor, heating and safety systems. All components are networked with each other via EnOcean wireless technology.

IQfy Elderly living

Care with EnOcean inside

In collaboration with lighting manufacturers and other vendors, IQfy develops individual solutions for a wide range of applications in the care sector. With the transmitters and receivers in its IQcare portfolio, the company demonstrates that EnOcean wireless technology is an excellent choice for senior and patient care.

An important reason for this suitability is that the wireless radio technology can be easily integrated into existing structures and is also extremely economical. System handling can be learned very quickly and maintenance work is minimal. This also makes the solutions suitable for private, in-home care.

IQfy Elderly Living

Complete control and assistance system

Slide-in sensor elements for the IQcare assistance system were added to the medical mattresses used in the showrooms. An extensive and demand-based control and assistance system was created on this basis by integrating additional EnOcean components. Via the call system or a cell phone, for example, the system signals that the person being cared for has gotten out of bed.

The sensors in the mattress also use the same radio signal to activate the room lighting and door sensors. The general lighting or an orientation light goes on and the door – to the bathroom, for example – opens. The sensitive sensor system on the doors detects obstacles and stops the doors automatically, providing another safety aspect.

Additional mobile light switches supplement the switch system in the showrooms in important locations, such as directly at the bed. All these measures mean that people who are bedridden or suffer from dementia are far less likely to have an accident.

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