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Smart and connected shutters at French high school

Author: Coralie Feillault, Marketing & Communications Project Manager, NodOn
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Every day after class, someone from Givors’ high school (near Lyon, France) had to go around to all the classrooms to close all the shutters. This task required time, caused building heat loss and was a security breach. It was no longer possible to verify that more than 600 roller shutters were properly closed.

Nodon Smart and connected shutters at French high school

Closing shutters centrally or directly

Consequently, the high school chose to transform all its shutters into motorized equipment. To ease management and save time, the high school chose a smart solution: the EnOcean battery-free solution. The main goal was to be able to remotely close all the shutters while keeping track of status feedback to avoid security breaches and to be sure to include every shutter.

Nodon Smart and connected shutters at French high schoolThe high school also had other requirements: centralizing shutter control and maintaining autonomous control of all the shutters in a room. It was also necessary to find a solution to control the shutter near the board during video projections. The teacher had to be able to control it directly via a switch when needed. The solution to this problem had to be simple and quick to install during holidays.

Wireless solution for easy retrofitting

The school opted for a connected solution with wireless switches to avoid renovation work, maintenance and recurrent battery changes. One of the benefits of this solution was the ability to prepare the installation before on-site implementation thanks to the EnOcean remote commissioning feature.

The high school was thus equipped with 607 NodOn EnOcean roller shutter relay switches. Installation was quick and setup simplified thanks to the auto-calibration feature. More than 150 battery-free controllers were installed, one per room near the blackboard for video projection and one to centralize the control of the class shutters.

Higher security and energy savings achieved

To complete the installation, the high school needed gateways to automate shutter opening and closing. Once installed, gateways allowed the facility manager to independently control the system. Thanks to stateus feedback, the system can now make sure that all shutters are closed at the end of the day, for efficient security management and more energy savings. Moreover, a central switch was installed at the entrance box that provides central control of all the school shutters.

Givors’ high school now benefits from efficient roller shutter management. The battery-free EnOcean solution is permanent because it doesn’t need maintenance. Very little energy is required to operate this mesh network. This solution is cost-effective over the long term. Construction preparation and installation were also cost-effective.

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