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Smart lights with a switch

Author: Marijn de Jong, Global Product Manager Friends of Hue, Signify
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Philips Hue works with partners to enhance smart lighting with easy controls.

With over a century of experience in lighting, technology and design, Philips Hue is the most advanced brand in smart lighting. It offers an easy, customizable and comprehensive portfolio of smart lights and accessories that complement any home — and any moment.

The Friends of Hue program

Friends of Hue allows manufacturers of smart lamps, fixtures and lighting controls to develop products that integrate seamlessly into the Philips Hue system.

With this program, Philips Hue is supported by a growing number of innovative smart lighting brands to give consumers more options in personalizing their smart lighting system — whether they control their lights using the Hue app, voice via smart home assistants, motion sensors or switches.

Signify Smart lights with a switch

Smart switches for a smarter home

Many Friends of Hue partners design smart light switches that can be used with Philips Hue, working directly with the Philips Hue Bridge and the Hue app to ensure a seamless smart light experience. These products are immediately identifiable to smart lighting shoppers. The products’ packaging and other in-store and online communications prominently display the Friends of Hue logo.

Thanks to the wireless, battery-free design of the switches based on EnOcean technology, these controls can be placed anywhere in the home. Users – whether DIY or professional installers – appreciate not just the ability to add a light switch without rewiring or cutting into the wall but the environmentally friendly aspects of a battery-free accessory.

Friends of Hue partnerships are open to companies that would like to join the Philips Hue platform. Philips Hue provides integration guidelines, design support and a certification program for all potential Friends of Hue partners.

Friends of Hue partners at a glance:

Signify Smart lights with a switch





Jäger Direkt






Senic & Gira




For self-powered smart switches:

“Battery-free by EnOcean“ seal

Signify Smart lights with a switchThe “Battery-free by EnOcean” logo marks self-powered wireless switch solutions based on EnOcean technology. It allows private users to readily identify the associated benefits: operation without batteries or cables, maintenance-free design, flexibility and comfort.

Manufacturers can use the logo to advertise their self-powered wireless switches that integrate the EnOcean energy harvesting technology for wireless standards, such as EnOcean, Bluetooth® and Zigbee.

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