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Author: Maximilian Lück, Marketing, Thermokon Sensortechnik
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A new addition to the EasySens family: The new NOVOS series of room sensors and room units has been added to Thermokon’s intelligent, self-sufficient wireless system based on EnOcean technology.

From elegant design to a high level of functionality and time-saving installation, the new NOVOS series of room sensors and operating units offers bundled advantages. The flat enclosure and the slightly eroded surface also underline the fact that NOVOS meets the highest architectural requirements.
In addition to the hard-wired NOVOS 3 family, the room sensors and operating units are now also available with an EnOcean radio interface called NOVOS 3 SR.

The NOVOS 3 SR versions are as diverse as they are suited for all kinds of applications, ranging from a pure room sensor without operating elements to a room control unit with push-button and/or setpoint adjuster for convenient temperature control and an RGB LED for status feedback.

A further highlight of the NOVOS 3 SR is the integrated sensor technology, which provides the current room temperature and relative humidity of a room. In order to completely live up to its reputation as an “all-rounder,” types that additionally measure CO2 and mixed gas content (VOC) are also part of the wireless family (to follow in the second half of 2020).

The large solar cell used in all NOVOS 3 SR types ensures an excellent energy balance. For rooms with unfavorable ambient light conditions, there is an option of using a standard AA battery for energy supply.

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