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U.S. retail chain reduced energy costs significantly

Author: Ara Bederjikian, President, Titanium Intelligent Solutions
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A U.S. retail chain with over one hundred locations was seeking cost-effective solutions to replace outdated lighting and multiple EMS systems. The customer sought to reduce energy costs by upgrading to LED lights and new thermostats, coupled with various rebate programs through an advanced cloud-based control platform.

The retail chain had a broad mix of different store buildings ranging in size from 15,000 to 60,000 square feet with a variety of lighting fixtures and diverse configurations of HVAC systems. It was in the market for three years, searching for a comprehensive remote control/monitoring platform that could provide enterprise oversight solutions to drive savings, operational efficiencies and asset digitalization with future automation capabilities.

Titanium U.S. retail chain reduced energy costs significantly

Multi-vendor interoperability

Titanium Intelligent Solutions won over the U.S. retail chain with an advanced solution platform that included hardware products from various EnOcean Alliance members for enterprise monitoring, control and analytics. As proven in this project, Titanium is the ideal platform to incorporate sensors and other control devices offered by any EnOcean Alliance members.

Titanium works in synergistic partnerships with EnOcean and EnOcean Alliance members to offer the right solutions for solving customers’ problems. These partnerships resulted in the customer using EnOcean products for lighting control, thermostat control, power measurement, heat map for occupancy activity and environmental monitoring.

Benefits and savings

Using the Titanium platform the U.S. retail chain now has a greater ability to cost-effectively manage the lighting and HVAC in their stores from the corporate office. In figures, this means that Titanium monitors over 20,000 network wireless devices that cover many distant locations for an aggregate of 10 million square feet of space, indoors and outdoors. Additionally, Titanium remote automated commissioning gave the customer savings of approximately 90% during project implementation. Moreover, advanced intelligent capabilities may result in ongoing approximate energy savings of over 30%.

Cloud-based platform for enterprise management

Titanium’s brain is a robust cloud-based platform for enterprise management that connects to hardware devices to make them intelligent. It is expandable and scalable as well as interoperable and easy to use with its universal user interface. The platform provides corporate visibility for global remote control and monitoring.

Additionally, the platform enables customers to take advantage of many environmental monitoring opportunities. Titanium offers a wide variety of tools such as sophisticated control rules, intelligent and structured alerts, easy access to live sensor data and an astronomical clock.

The Titanium network provides real-time data, live network status and network optimization and alerts for many buildings in multiple locations and multiple regions.

Titanium U.S. retail chain reduced energy costs significantly     Titanium U.S. retail chain reduced energy costs significantly

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