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Titanium: Digital transformation with Aruba and EnOcean

Author: Ara Bederjikian, President, Titanium Intelligent Solutions
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Titanium Intelligent Solutions builds distributed, cloud-based IoT building management applications to monitor, control and analyze hyperaware intelligent buildings. Titanium’s technology applies artificial intelligence via Aruba’s WiFi access points to various EnOcean hardware such as sensors and switches.

This combination of data and context enables smart buildings to become cognizant of, and responsive to, the occupants and their environment. Hyperaware buildings are more productive and environmentally friendly for the occupants and more economically prudent to run. Through a partnership between Titanium and Aruba, the Titanium universal IoT gateways are now being replaced with Aruba access points.

Team play of Aruba, EnOcean and Titanium

Titanium brings together Aruba’s secure WiFi network and EnOcean‘s sensor data to deliver comprehensive, scalable and secure IoT platforms. Aruba’s WiFi network generates provisional information such as identity, location, and applications in use. In addition, facilities will be able to utilize the existing IT networks’ secure infrastructure without running extra cables and gateways. This significantly reduces e-waste and promotes a much greener environment. EnOcean edge devices generate logical representations of physical data like temperature, enthalpy, power, and presence.

IoT partnership Titanium, Aruba and EnOcean

When an existing Aruba infrastructure is used, no separate network is needed, thus completely eliminating networking costs. Only the sensors and the USB stick need to be installed.

Current IoT market challenges

Installing multiple gateways, local servers or control panels for any IoT platform results in adding a separate communication network platform. It may require interdepartmental, cross-disciplinary coordination efforts which ultimately result in higher costs and delayed deployments. This complex way of installing IoT platforms can be extremely costly and slow down a company’s digital transformation.

Networking benefits and savings

Using Aruba’s existing WiFi network eliminates the multi-network deployment approach and provides Aruba enterprise-level security. Titanium can be easily deployed in any existing Aruba Wi-Fi network that supports WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 Aruba access points with Aruba OS version 8.7 or later.

Furthermore, Titanium’s ease of deployment offers remote, semi-automated commissioning, which is designed to enable scaling across hundreds of buildings. Through the technology partnership with Aruba and EnOcean, Titanium achieves tremendous savings thanks, in part, to reduced hardware, maintenance and installation costs.

Benefits of the partnership:

  • Fast bring-up of hyper-aware smart buildings using cloud-based monitoring and control applications

  • Easy retrofit of wireless and self-powered sensors to existing Aruba networks without a rip-and-replace

  • Enterprise-class network that scales to address multi-location and multi-region deployments

  • Supports more than 5,000 interoperable EnOcean Alliance devices such as thermostats, air quality and CO2 sensors or lighting and metering devices

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