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WAGO: Easily integrate EnOcean sensors and actuators

Author: Torsten Klinkow, Product Manager Coupler & IO, WAGO Kontakttechnik
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The EnOcean wireless sensor protocol has established itself as the standard in the building industry above all because it allows use of battery-free sensors and control elements – for example, in room automation, lighting systems and many other applications. The energy for wireless transmission is usually generated via energy harvesting.

WAGO Easily integrate EnOcean sensors and actuators

Whether lighting or temperature control – with the new EnOcean gateway from WAGO, battery-free sensors and actuators can be easily integrated.

WAGO is now launching the EnOcean gateway RS-485 (Item Number 750-940) that can be connected very easily to the WAGO I/O System 750 via a serial interface, with either a serial module of the WAGO I/O System or a controller with an integrated serial interface. The use of standard protocols like Modbus and ESP-3 simplifies bidirectional communication between the I/O System and the EnOcean modules. Serial transfer also allows long cable lengths, so the gateway can be installed far from the I/O System. This is especially important when the engineering room in which the controller and I/O System are located is farther away. The intelligent design also permits mounting in a visible location, such as on a wall or ceiling.

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