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Controlling smart windows with an app

Author: Irena Byrdy-Furmanczyk, Press Officer, Winkhaus
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As people demand more security, solutions for protecting the outer skin of buildings are needed. Winkhaus offers well-engineered technologies for reliable window surveillance. Winkhaus technologies monitor windows electronically, depending on the requirements profile. Alarm monitoring, climate control and extraction hood controllers can be regulated with locking contacts specially adapted to the application. The product range includes sensors that are integrated into the window fittings and can tell the difference between a window that is merely ajar and one that is actually locked. Rigid, fitting-independent contact sensors, on the other hand, only monitor whether the window is open.

Customized solutions

Winkhaus offers a wireless technology based on the open EnOcean wireless standard as well as a hard-wired solution known as Winkhaus activPilot Control. The wireless contacts are a particularly good option for retrofits because no cables need to be laid. Both solutions can be integrated into the building control system via suitable interfaces. The wireless contacts are compatible, for example, with the Thermokon actuator and various KNX gateways.

Winkhaus Controlling smart windows with an app

The concealed wireless contacts from Winkhaus operate without cables and can be easily mounted by a professional installer.

Compatible with smart home systems

The technology is based on reed contacts with a magnet. Winkhaus wireless contacts transmit data using the open EnOcean wireless standard, which allows the contacts to communicate with a wide range of EnOcean-compatible, electronic devices. They can also be incorporated into smart home systems, such as wibutler and, more recently, the Somfy Tahoma Box. As a result, the wireless contacts can be networked with other smart components in the house without any problems. Among other things, they can be integrated into the lighting and heating controls. This makes it possible, for example, to set the radiator to switch off automatically when the window is open. It is likewise possible to turn on light or sound effects if the window is opened while no one is home.

Two kinds of cable-free technology

Winkhaus offers wireless technology in two variants: concealed wireless contacts that are invisible in the closed window and a surface-mounted solution with a solar cell for self-powered operation. Windows equipped with these variants can be remotely opened and closed. This requires that the window have not only the wireless contact but also the Winkhaus activPilot Comfort PADM fitting system, whose fitting drive uses a motor to control the window.

Winkhaus Controlling smart windows with an app

The wireless contacts from Winkhaus allow windows to be monitored via an app. Combined with the Winkhaus activPilot Comfort PADM fitting system, the window can be opened and closed remotely.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the fitting drive works with the EnOcean wireless protocol, which allows the system to be incorporated directly into home server solutions such as wibutler. It can easily be networked with other smart systems, including air quality sensors for temperature or CO2. These sensors provide ventilation when needed. If desired, the window opens slightly, and even automatically, and then automatically closes again. In addition, the system can be wirelessly controlled with a hygrostat, like the one from Gira. The window opens automatically if the humidity is too high. Thanks to suitable interfaces, the activPilot Comfort PADM fitting system can also be integrated into the building control systems – for example, the heating control or alarm monitoring system.

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