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Working from home – environmental monitoring for greater well-being

Author: Peter Smith, Head of Sales and Marketing, IAconnects
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It is commonly believed that the working environment will not return to normal immediately. The much talked about shift towards hybrid working, or permanently working from home in some cases, is likely to become reality. As the world slowly starts to emerge from the restrictions put in place to combat the transmission of COVID-19, some employees will begin to return to the workplace. But for those who continue to work from home, new challenges have started to become the norm, including environmental factors.

Improve indoor air quality

Recording air quality data is one way to monitor ventilation in spaces – not only to reduce the COVID-19 risk but also to improve indoor air quality with regard to CO2 levels, temperature and relative humidity. Studies undertaken in the last few years have found that higher levels of CO2 have a negative impact on productivity. The reduction of CO2 and relative humidity levels can be an additional benefit to employees and the organization as a whole.

IAconnects - CO2 control at home

Environmental monitoring in your home office?

Adding EnOcean indoor air quality sensors to monitor CO2, temperature, humidity and much more, and sending alerts when levels are approaching an unsafe level, are simple but effective ways to potentially improve poor concentration and productivity levels.

The most effective action to take when CO2, temperature and humidity levels are high in your workspace is to increase ventilation and bring as much fresh air into the space as possible. By opening windows and doors to increase airflow, you will see an almost immediate decrease in CO2 levels and a gradual decrease in temperature and humidity.

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