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Mission smart home

Author: Dirk Wortmeyer, Product Management, Bruck GmbH & Co. KG
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Who wouldn’t like these scenarios? You get up in the morning and go to the kitchen, which is already illuminated according to your particular preferences. In bed at night, you use your iPad® to check whether the basement light is still on. Or while far away on vacation you make it look as though your house is occupied by controlling the lights and blinds. Homission from Bruck, the complete building automation solution, enables lights, blinds and many more functions to be easily operated by “remote control” from an iPad® or iPhone®.

Homission is an intelligent solution that efficiently and comfortably places control technology on an iOS device, making it possible to automatically design the home environment literally with one hand. The app bearing the same name is easy to install, intuitive to operate and sustainable. All one needs is an iPad® or iPhone®, a WLAN router and switches, sensors (such as motion, light and temperature sensors) and actuators (such as luminaires and blinds). No additional PC software is required.

Security and quality of life

Homission provides many options. In addition to controlling lights that, for example, show arriving guests the way to the entrance with automated outdoor lighting, it can also control heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems by remote access. This makes Homission a valuable link between users and their living space, one that noticeably increases the quality of life. For example, the ability to simulate a home’s occupancy while the residents are on vacation by turning on the lights or raising and lowering the blinds is a downright priceless advantage, particularly considering the alarmingly high burglary rates and shamefully poor success in solving such crimes.

Operation on request

Homission’s “brain” is a so-called home server in the form of a small box. It receives and processes radio signals from the switches and sensors, using them to control the actuators. The system implements EnOcean’s energy harvesting wireless technology.

Alternatively, Homission can be operated with conventional or wireless switches. The system functionality can be expanded at any time according to the customer’s requirements, and future software enhancements can also be added.

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