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2.4 GHz BLE modules for BLE-based lighting systems from EnOcean

Author: Matthias Kassner, Product Marketing Director, EnOcean GmbH
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EnOcean is expanding its product portfolio with self-powered wireless modules with NFC functionality for 2.4 GHz BLE systems. The new modules complement the existing EnOcean wireless technology on the sub 1 GHz band and ZigBee wireless products on the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

With the new 2.4 GHz BLE module, EnOcean technology can now also be integrated into 2.4 GHz Bluetooth systems. BLE-enabled solutions are gaining in importance in lighting applications. EnOcean GmbH now provides the right switches for BLE-based lighting systems.

Manufacturers of BLE-based systems for the 2.4 GHz band can now incorporate energy harvesting technology from EnOcean into their portfolios and develop batteryless, room-based wireless controllers. Thanks to the standardized PTM 21x form factor, switch manufacturers can easily integrate the new 2.4 GHz module into their existing product ranges and use maintenance-free BLE-systems that produce energy from motion.

Radio-based switch and sensor modules with NFC functionality

The radio-based PTM 215B switch module operates on the 2.4 GHz band and is mechanically compatible with the form factor of the sub 1 GHz PTM 21x standard module. Switch manufacturers can therefore easily migrate to a wide range of switch designs. Now that NFC functionality has been integrated for the first time, the switch can be trained through direct contact with NFC-capable devices without any manual actuation. A large number of parameters can also be configured easily and automatically, permitting, for example, protocol data to be modified or additional information to be transmitted, such as group assignments. New devices can thus be quickly and easily integrated into existing systems, substantially reducing their susceptibility to faults.

In addition to the radio-based switch module, the 2.4 GHz BLE portfolio from EnOcean
also includes white label end products: energy harvesting wireless single-rocker (ESRP) and dual rocker (EDRP) switches for the American market. Solar-based sensor modules will be added to the switch module in 2017, including a door and window sensor, a temperature/moisture sensor and a light sensor.

The battery-free Internet of Things

By adding a BLE-based wireless module to their portfolio, EnOcean has taken another important step toward fully networking devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). As the worldwide leading supplier of energy harvesting wireless technology, EnOcean enables self-powered IoT applications to be developed for use in building automation, smart homes, LED light control and industrial applications.


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