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The easy-fit thermally powered temperature sensor

Author: Jamie Burbidge, Digital Marketer, Pressac Communications Ltd
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The thermally powered temperature sensor from Pressac, which has been added to the “Pressac Sensing” product series, is used to detect the temperature of metallic surfaces and provide early warning for overheating and failure. Typical applications include measuring the temperature of a brake shoe to warn against possible brake failure at an early point, as well as measuring the temperature of drive trains, engines and ball screws.

Pressac The easy-fit thermally powered temperature sensor

The temperature sensor allows for flexible placement and makes components exposed to high thermal stress safer.

The energy harvesting sensor contains an integrated Peltier element, which converts the temperature difference between the (hot) metallic surface and the (cold) ambient air directly into electrical energy. An integrated thermistor connected to the hot surface measures the precise temperature once a sufficient temperature difference has occurred (typically 5 °C).

Early warning system for preventing brake failure

The sensor can be configured so that it takes measurements more frequently at higher temperatures and transmits the data in an EnOcean wireless telegram. This makes it possible to detect overheating faster. Either an EnOcean RS232 gateway or an EnOcean IP gateway can be used to receive the wireless telegram. Both products are available from Pressac. The temperature sensor is extremely easy to install. It can be conveniently mounted on different metallic surfaces, such as brake shoes, gearbox cases, etc., using strong, adaptable magnets.

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