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Wireless and batteryless container-type smart buildings

Author: the Marketing Department, Nanjing Putian Telecommunications CO., Ltd.
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As a new architectural form, container architectures are now more and more widely applied to the construction field. The advantages of fast installation and stackable features make architecture more creative and flexible.

Putian Wireless and batteryless container-type smart buildings

The investment center located in Putian’s industrial park adopts this kind of architectural form full of modern flavor. The whole building also features a wide variety of wireless and batteryless products from EnOcean, such as switches, dual channel actuators, occupancy sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, door contacts, CO2 sensors and also a gateway, which can reduce energy consumption, save on lots of cables and are also easy to install when the architectural layout changes.

Putian Wireless and batteryless container-type smart buildings

The self-powered radiobased switches can be positioned flexibly – even on glass surfaces.

Automatic building control

In the exhibition room on the first floor, the lighting system can be controlled automatically by occupancy sensors. When visitors enter, the lights are turned on automatically and are turned off after the visitors leave. when the indoor temperature (or lighting) level increases, the electric curtain, controlled by temperature and humidity sensors and light intensity sensors, wind down automatically to save on air condition energy consumption. The windows are opened if CO2 sensors detect a high concentration of carbon dioxide. All the sensor and actuator statuses are visible on an iPad or smart TV with the data transmitted over a gateway and controlled by an app on the smartphone.

Putian Wireless and batteryless container-type smart buildings

Efficient energy management thanks to the illumination sensor with EnOcean technology.

In meeting rooms and other office areas, more wireless products from EnOcean have been installed in order to provide convenience and save energy at the same time.

Putian Wireless and batteryless container-type smart buildings

The EnOcean-based products used by Putian.

For homes and small offices, Putian develops an app named “EasyHome” and an EnOcean WiFi gateway. Users can control the actuator or view the sensor status remotely. This app lets users create automatic scenes using time, location, sensor, status and other options. After the setting process is complete, users no longer need to operate the phone and can simply benefit from automatic control. This system achieves intelligence with ease!

Putian Wireless and batteryless container-type smart buildings

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