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New model house with smart home control

Author: Schwabenhaus GmbH & Co. KG
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Schwabenhaus has opened a new model house in Villingen-Schwenningen, a light-filled structure that elegantly combines the prefab home manufacturer’s Da Capo and Fame programs. The house’s special layout is both modern and classic in appearance and also comes with an intelligent home control system as well as an innovative energy concept.

Schwabenhaus New model house with smart home control

Smart home control

More and more builders are focusing their construction efforts on smart homes. To meet its customers’ requirements, Schwabenhaus offers all its environmentally friendly houses with a smart home basic package, including the control of lights and blinds, as standard equipment. Thanks to this basic package, builders can sample other system components easily and at little extra cost if they so desire, or they can add them at a later time. Schwabenhaus has divided the add-on options into three smart home groups: “Efficiency,” “Security” and “Comfort.” In coming up with its smart home concept, the company selected the energy harvesting wireless technology from EnOcean, which features low energy consumption and a broad range. The new twostory model house in Villingen-Schwenningen also has the smart home system, which visitors can try out for themselves right on site – thanks to its ease of use. Along with the smart home technology, the 180 square meter building also has modern furnishings and creates a unique sense of space by combining a classic pitched roof with a cubic, flat-roofed porch structure. A future-oriented heating system rounds out the special design.

Schwabenhaus New model house with smart home control Schwabenhaus New model house with smart home control

Innovative energy concept

Every environmentally friendly home from Schwabenhaus comes with a geothermal heating system as standard equipment. If boreholes for downhole heat exchangers, which are generally used for geothermal heating, are not permitted, the prefab house manufacturer offers intelligent alternatives: like in the model house in Villingen-Schwenningen, where an air-to-water heat pump with a cooling function is used. The high savings potential of this innovative concept is due to its consistent use of environmental heat from the outdoor air. The house also features a controlled ventilation system with at least 90 percent heat recovery as well as a floor heating system.

Schwabenhaus New model house with smart home control

The home furthermore meets the strict KfW funding guidelines and is classified as an Efficiency house 55. It can also be built as an Efficiency house 40, if desired. To meet this standard, Schwabenhaus uses an additionally insulated ground slab, known as an efficiency ground slab.

Schwabenhaus New model house with smart home control

The “Comfort” smart home comes with remote control and a router (“wibutler”). The “wibutler” system allows the entire building automation technology to be monitored and controlled from a smart phone or tablet. Residents can then control devices individually at any time, even on the go, and program individual scenarios and workflows.

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