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Reliable, wireless and energy-efficient

Author: Thorsten Kresin, Head of Marketing, Thermokon
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Enoco AS, the Norwegian building automation specialist, uses Thermokon sensors and EnOcean technology to significantly cut energy consumption in various public buildings in Stjørdal. The savings average around 40 percent.

Comfort, security and more efficiency – there are good reasons for building owners and operators to rely on modern building automation solutions. This is even true when one considers cost: wireless systems allow for initial installations that save both time and money while also making them flexibly adaptable to changing conditions at any time. The well-designed planning and smart positioning of sensors, receivers and antenna also guarantees flawless transmitting ranges in concrete and steel buildings. Enoco AS, the Norwegian supplier of sustainable building automation systems, successfully relies on solutions from Thermokon and EnOcean.

Thermokon Energieeffizient, kabellos, zuverlässig

Stjørdal focuses on sustainable building automation in order to increase the security and energy efficiency of their buildings.

Demand-optimized heating made easy

Enoco came up with a powerful solution that allowed the Stjørdal fire department to dramatically lower its service charges. A manually operated heating system generated enormous service charges, for example because the heater kept running at full blast even when doors were open or at high outdoor temperatures. A modern, high-end building automation system (BAS) with wireless temperature and PIR sensors, coordinated receivers and an intelligent energy control system came to the rescue.

Thermokon Reliable, wireless and energy-efficient

The new system automatically adapts to changing room parameters and thus heats the building as required. Open windows and doors are reported directly to the system control center via wireless window contacts, immediately adjusting the heating power. This approach has a noticeably positive effect on the service charges particularly at extremely low temperatures.

The new system also takes into account the fact that the fire department only uses its office space sporadically. The PIR sensors from Thermokon used by Enoco automatically detect when rooms are unoccupied and lower the heat, taking the current outdoor temperature into account. This establishes the requirements for demand-based power supply, which is additionally optimized by the wireless 0-10 V controllers for the return air valves and the wireless on/off controller. A positive conclusion after two years of operation: the system works flawlessly and reliably, thereby significantly improving energy efficiency.

Thermokon Reliable, wireless and energy-efficient

SR04PT wireless and batteryless room operating unit from Thermokon with EnOcean technology

Thermokon Reliable, wireless and energy-efficient

Window contacts for increasing energy efficiency

Hybrid solution for the youth center

It turned out to be a challenge to integrate wireless technology into the Stjørdal youth center, which was built in the 1960s, due to the building’s mainly concrete construction, making it difficult to use wireless systems. Enoco therefore came up with a hybrid solution that combines wireless data acquisition, using Thermokon sensors and EnOcean technology, with wirebound control of the actuators. All measurements, including the CO2 values, are now collected and processed by the wireless server and the programmable logic controller, while the floor heating system continues to be operated with local cabling. Once again, the energy savings are in the high double-digit range.

Thermokon Reliable, wireless and energy-efficient

The wireless and batteryless wall switch can be positioned flexibly.

Intelligent combination of heating and ventilation

Visitors to the Stjørdal movie theater, which Enoco also updated to the state of the art when it comes to energy efficiency, can also watch movies while breathing the freshest air and enjoying pleasant temperatures. The sustainable building automation specialist extensively modernized the heating and ventilation system in the 40-year-old building and installed wireless temperature and CO2 sensors. As a result, the operators are more than satisfied. recycling the used air significantly helps save energy by as much as 50 percent.

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