Smart Home

A safer, more comfortable and more economical home

Author: Claire Iooss, Marketing and Communication Manager, NEXELEC
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Imagine a smart home that protects itself, looks after your safety and comfort, and saves you money. The new INSAFE Connect® sensors by NEXELEC do all of this.

A multi-sensor approach

INSAFE Connect® includes a set of different sensors: temperature, humidity, smoke and carbon monoxide. Users get the advantages of a complete detection network without having to purchase additional sensors.

Stay informed of the air quality in your home

INSAFE Connect® not only keeps your home safe, it also looks after your comfort. It monitors the temperature, relative humidity and even the quality of the air you breathe.

Why measure air quality? Because we spend nearly 85% of our time in confined environments, where the air may actually be five to seven times more polluted than outdoors.

In fact, indoor air pollution has become a major public health issue. Good air quality is essential for certain risk profiles (e.g. pregnant women, infants, asthma sufferers), and can help prevent pathologies such as allergies, eczema, and rhinitis.

An all-in-one B2B solution

INSAFE Connect® operates with a wide choice of radio protocols such as the EnOcean radio standard. It can also be customized for integration with different connected systems. Since the solution provides so many features in a single product, it is an ideal solution for service providers in areas such as insurance, asset management, remote support and home care.

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