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Author: François Pillet, Export Department, TRIO2SYS
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In order to enable intelligent and affordable radio control, the range of TRIO2SYS DIN RAIL radio receivers has been extended by new technological features. The self-powered radio receivers enable the cost and energy-saving control of electrical devices such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, electronic ballasts, as well as ventilation and heating devices using wireless and self-powered EnOcean wireless transmitters.

More features for the installer

On top of actuating their relays with EnOcean radio signals, the new receivers integrate a repeater function to increase radio range when distance between devices is problematic. Besides, the bidirectional radio test function offers the installer the possibility to check if the radio range is correct but also to confirm the device’s status remotely. Moreover, the standard DIN RAIL format facilitates the installation and access in an electrical board since all receivers are located at the same place.

More flexibility for users and building owners

As the receiver can operate a remote control switch, users turn a device on and off a device by simply pushing any button of the switch, enabling a more instinctive configuration thanks to an intuitive interface. The preset timer can be used to automatically turn off an energy-intensive appliance after a certain amount of time, enabling optimized energy savings and increased comfort.

More fields of application

If required, the building owner can keep the conventional switches in the building by simply connecting them to the radio receivers thanks to their wired input. It is thus possible to control relays from both radio and wired switches simultaneously and reduce the impact of the retrofitting process as a smaller amount of switches needs to be replaced.

TRIO2SYS Welcome to the family

Wired input DIN RAIL receiver with remote control and timer functionality

TRIO2SYS Welcome to the family

2-channel 5A DIN RAIL receiver

TRIO2SYS Welcome to the family

1-channel 5A DIN RAIL receiver

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